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From: ebay
Subject: [Web-trans] FRAUD COMPLAINT
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2004 00:48:36 +0300

A complaint has been filed against you in the Fraud Reporting Form at
Complaint Tracking Number: 2034325775
By: pds1961 
Item #: 3071966614
Winning Bid: $860.00
Payment Method: PayPal.
Date Complaint Filed: 09-17-04 20:31:09 PST
Nature of Complaint:
I sent a payment but never received any merchandise.
Text of Complaint:  When I was notified that I won item from the
seller, I was told to send the money order to:
Mai Ngoc Rose Nguyen, 84 Alicante Aisle
Irvine, CA 92614.  I was assured that the goods would be sent from a
Canadian address. Rose Nguyen phone number 504-291-2264.  Apparently
she was acting as agent for the seller and forwarded money on to the
seller.  I have been in touch with Rose who said she was unaware of a
scam, but she felt that I would not see my DVD Recorder.  I have all
e-mails sent if needed.  P Simpson
In the next 30 days, please visit the Fraud Reporting Form to resolve
this complaint with pds2161.  If you do not do so, pds2161 will
receive information about the appropriate agencies to contact and/or
to file charges against you.  Moreover, if these agencies determine
that you have committed fraud, eBay will suspend your membership
The Fraud Reporting Form is accessible at:
Use the following information when prompted:
User Name:[your eBay User Name]
Password: [your eBay password]
Tracking Number: 2034325775
Thank you,
Fraud Reporting Form
Please note: eBay does not endorse the claims of either party set
forth in this complaint.  We are merely trying to facilitate a
satisfactory resolution between you and pds1961 by acting as a
reporting and information service.  We hope it is not necessary, but
if you have any questions regarding the validity of these claims or
your position in the matter, you are encouraged to seek the advice of
legal counsel.

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