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Re: [Web-trans] Translation Coordination Status

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: [Web-trans] Translation Coordination Status
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2004 11:37:54 -0500

            I am working with Norton to get his translation right -- but it is
    actually good enough for linking at the unofficial translations page.  I
    don't know what to do next.  Should I take a copy of the page, insert
    there the link to his version and then send it to the www.gnu.org list

I am not sure what that last sentence means.  What is "the www.gnu.org
list"?  If you're talking about some mailing list, please refer to it
by its name.

In any case, you should not be asking anyone to edit web pages for
you.  Each of you should have direct access to edit all the web pages
you need to edit, through savannah, which is the way we always do it.
If you don't have such access, then write to chief-webmaster NOW to
ask for it.  Put "easy and urgent, web translation coordinator needs
access to translation pages" in the subject, and cc me.

Therefore, you yourself should add links to unofficial translations
directly into the files where these links belong.

            Where can I check these tickets?  I probably should fumble around at
    Savannah, but again I'm writing without having web access right now.

    > (d)Need access to the RT system (Need to respond to
    > Ofer's email 10/4/04)

            What's RT BTW?

RT is the program that maintains the tickets.  chief-webmaster can
explain RT to you; please ask him to do so.

If he says you need some sort of access permission in order to use RT,
write to sysadmin to ask for that.  Put "easy and urgent, web
translation coordinator needs RT access" in the subject and cc me.

Meanwhile, please keep in mind that working on translations yourself
is NOT part of the job of the web translation coordinators.  If you
want to contribute to translation yourself *in addition* to
translation coordination, you're welcome to, but please give the
translation coordination 100% higher priority.  That is, please don't
ever make web translation coordination work wait while you improve a
specific translation instead.  We can't afford to have that happen!

In particular, if you are not sure how to do the translation
coordination work, please don't turn away from it into improving
translations instead.  The translation coordination needs to start
moving again!

Remember that you will be dealing with many languages--and most of
them will not be known by any of you.  That's simply inevitable.
Therefore, it's not your job to make sure the translations are good,
it's the job of the language team.

If you do know the language, you may as well give it a quick glance.
If you see a few minor errors, by all means fix them.  If you see a
translation is badly written, you can reject it and tell the person
"You need to get help in writing this."  But you have no obligation to
work with him to improve it.  If you have extra time on your hands,
and you feel like working with him, then by all means do so.  But if
you are feeling time pressure, then just reject it.

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