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[Web-trans] Re: Translation Coordination Status

From: Alex Muntada
Subject: [Web-trans] Re: Translation Coordination Status
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2004 22:50:12 +0100
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* Praveen Kamat <address@hidden>:
  [2004-11-11 11:52:10 -0800]

> Please feel free to jump in and start tackling any of
> the tasks but cc web-trans in all your emails so that
> all of us are plugged in and do not step on each
> others toes.

We should probably ask for a new queue under RT for managing
requests to translation coordinators. Thus, when we receive
request on web-trans we could bounce them there and keep track
of who's being working on them and which is the status. I guess
most of us will need an account in RT and will need to learn a
bit how RT works, but it shouldn't be difficult.

Having RT access makes also possible to move tickets to other
queues like webmaster's (which sometimes could be useful).

Even if it's possible to have a new RT queue for us, we could
use the trans-coord project on Savannah for coordination with
local project leaders and translators. For instance, we could
ask for a trans-coord-whatsnew mail list, as requested by Nick
Ferrier (I've explained it to him and he likes the idea).

So, we should have an RT queue for translation managers and
trans-coord project on Savannah for translation team leaders.

For those of you who don't know what's RT, this means Request
Tracker and is a powerful interface to handle lots of users
requests (many sites and ISPs are using RT) and it's free


> I have updated the translations underway section based on the
> responses I received so far. I will forward it to Alex for
> review and publishing.


>  2.Maintain record of translation teams
> (a)keep records of names, email addresses, and phone
> numbers of the members and leaders of the teams.

I'm not sure but I think it's possible to have internal documents
and manuals inside RT, which are protected by RT authentication.

>  6.Organize the translation coordination team
> (a)Team Members
>  i.Praveen Kamat,  9/04
>  ii.Dwayne Dever,  9/04
>  iii.Leandro Dutra (Brazialian Portuguese), 9/04
>  iv.Andrey Suprun (Ukrainian, Russian), 10/6/04 ? Need
> to verify.
>  v.Alex Muntada (Catalan), 11/05/04
> (b)Who administers the mailing lists?

We should ask <address@hidden> to change web-translator-manager
alias to the translation coordination team mail addresses. Thus,
each of us should have admin access to the web-trans list (I've
already a large experience with Mailman). We should probably CC
to RMS to get it quickly resolved.

> Need admin access to the web-trans list

Once the web-translator-manager alias is changed, we could ask
<address@hidden> for a new password.

> (d)Need access to the RT system (Need to respond to
> Ofer's email 10/4/04)

Which RT queue? There are many on gnu.org...

> (e)Need at least two active members of the team to be
> assigned admin privileges for trans-coord project in
> savannah

This should be asked to <address@hidden>. It should be
easy to get admin right for one of you who are already listed as
developers on the project. After that, you can change anything
you want from the project.

To summarize:

* <address@hidden>:
If you like the idea of asking for a new RT queue, I will ask
sysadmin, request them to change the web-translator-manager
alias and add spam filters to web-trans too.

* <address@hidden>:
One of you (Dwayne or Praveen) who are already developers on the
trans-coord project should ask savannah-hackers for admin rights
(if no response is sent in 1 week, resend the request CC to rms).

- --
Alex Muntada <address@hidden>

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