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Re: [Web-trans] Translation Coordination Status

From: Alex Muntada
Subject: Re: [Web-trans] Translation Coordination Status
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2004 23:09:30 +0100
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* Leandro Guimarães Faria Corcete Dutra <address@hidden>:
  [2004-11-11 22:39:29 +0200]

> > (b)Miguel Andrade, <address@hidden>, 9/12/04,
> > GPL portuguese translation
>       Guess I should step in here, as soon as my web access
> start working again will check.  Unfortunately this message
> must have been deleted together with spam.


> > (g)ntr <address@hidden> , 10/21/04,
> > Brazialian Portuguese of GFDL
>       I am working with Norton to get his translation right
> -- but it is actually good enough for linking at the unofficial
> translations page.  I don't know what to do next.  Should I
> take a copy of the page, insert there the link to his version
> and then send it to the www.gnu.org list or...?

I can make the change on CVS and notify to www-discuss list.
So, send it to me.

> > (a)Kaveh Ranjbar, 8/14/04, 8/24/04, 9/11/04, GPL Farsi
> > (Persian) translation (Ofer response on 9/18/04, Ofer
> > confirmed link 10/2/04, Need to respond to Justin
> > Pence to close ticket #210236, Mark Par
> > <address@hidden> 10/11/04 RT ticket #210237 which
> > states that this is still outstanding)
>       Where can I check these tickets?  I probably should
> fumble around at Savannah, but again I'm writing without
> having web access right now.

These tickets are probably from webmaster's RT queue...
If we had our own RT queue, we could ask to move those
tickets there and then handle them.

> >  iii.Leandro Dutra (Brazialian Portuguese), 9/04
>       You can count on me too for Spanish and French, but
> with the former probably Alex would be better.

It's not for me to say I'm better in Spanish than you are...

> > (c)Need to have sysadmin curb and filter spam from
> > web-trans list
>       That'd be wonderful.  Perhaps writing to
> address@hidden would suffice?  If so, I could do this also.

I'll take care of that, as stated on my previous mail. Just let
me know if you disagree with my proposal about a new RT queue
and I'll send a full request to sysadmin (RT queue, web trans
manager alias and spam filters).

BTW, I try to keep rms out from the CC list on my last messages
so he hasn't to bother about the coordination details.

- --
Alex Muntada <address@hidden>

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