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Re: [Web-trans] Re: ello! =))

From: Philippe C. Martin
Subject: Re: [Web-trans] Re: ello! =))
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 13:00:53 -0600
User-agent: KMail/1.6.1

Hi Alex,

It was indeed a virus, but a windows virus only (I'm _not_ on windows)

I got rid of it of it though so can't sent it to you - However, I would 
appreciate a link or two on the "feature" if you have some available (my dad 
always says "go to bed smarter than when you woke up"

Best regards,


On Monday 15 November 2004 12:55, Alex Muntada wrote:
> * Philippe C. Martin <address@hidden>:
>   [2004-11-15 07:53:45 -0600]
> > As I doubt gnu.org would send me a virus - I guess someone is
> > taking over this address
> A design flaw or a feature on mail protocol (it depends on who
> are you talking to) makes possible for anyone to setup a fake
> origin address. The mail you received is probably a virus/worm
> or spam which took advantage of this feature in order to make
> you more confident about the origin of the mail, but I'm sure
> it wasn't sent from gnu.org.
> If you want more details, please send me the full mail headers
> I will explain it to you.
> Best regards!

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