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[Web-trans] Re: Translation Coordination Status

From: Praveen Kamat
Subject: [Web-trans] Re: Translation Coordination Status
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 18:24:23 -0800 (PST)

--- Alex Muntada <address@hidden> wrote:

> The HTML document had lots of unnecessary changes
> (breaking
> lines in different places, full www.gnu.org URLs,
> etc.) so I
> tried to restore them as they were on the original,
> but fixing
> also some errors that were present on both docs. The
> final
> result is already available on the GNU web.
> I guess you used kind a WYSIWYG HTML editor, isn't
> it? :-)

Thanks Alex. I used the mozilla editor and had made
changes only to the "Translation Underway" section. So
I am not sure why the rest of it got messed up. Even
now when I view the updated translations html page in
my browser it looks ok. Can you share with me how you
edit the pages and what editor you use so that I get
it right in future.

> We should think a little about the idea of having a
> wiki to
> make the translations easier, as pointed by rms. I
> like wikis,
> been using them for a while and think it's a great
> tool for
> collaborative work. Getting rid of the burden of
> modifying
> the HTML source it would be a lot easier to get
> translations
> done and up to date.

I agree based on the little I have read so far on
wikis. I will bring myself up to speed on the subject
so that we can plan out our next steps.

GNU/FSF Translation Coordinator

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