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[Web-trans] Laboratory Equipment and Supplies e-Newsletter from ISC

From: Labnet International
Subject: [Web-trans] Laboratory Equipment and Supplies e-Newsletter from ISC
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2004 03:00:22 -0500

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Laboratory Equipment and Supplies

Innovative products for bioscience and bioresearch market
Sponsored by Labnet International
Labnet International is a manufacturer and distributor of laboratory equipment and supplies.
Dear Colleague:

Because of your interest in laboratory equipment and supplies, we are drawing your attention to the following products, which we believe will be of interest to you and others in your laboratory. Innovative products such as these from an established company in the laboratory products industry help to increase the productivity of today's laboratories and improve the quality of the data generated.

Brian Howard
American Biotechnology Laboratory

Labnet's New Model 311DS Shaking Incubator

The new high performance shaking incubator Model 311DS features Labnet's Exclusive Smart ChekTM Temperature Control System to regulate the incubator's temperature with an accuracy and stability of ±0.1 °C. As added protection for valuable samples, an independent, user settable safety thermostat can be adjusted to take control of the interior temperature if it rises as little as 1 °C over the set point. Temperature is set and displayed digitally on the large LED screen. Mechanical convection provides excellent uniformity (±0.5 °C) and promotes extremely rapid temperature recovery after the door is opened.


The new 311DS Model features a built in orbital shaker with easily removable shaking platforms for various size Erlenmeyer flasks, staining trays, and dishes, as well as test tube racks. An adjustable shelf supplied with the incubator can be used for static cultures.

Go to LABNET for more information.

Biopette ETM Electronic Pipettes: less force, less complexity

The new electronic pipette features a motorized piston drive and is very simple to use. Available in single and multichannel versions, the BioPette E Electronic Pipettes are light weight, ergonomic, and offer extreme accuracy and precision.

The BioPette E incorporates a high precision stepper motor and microprocessor to accurately monitor and control piston movement.

A rechargeable Lithium Ion battery holds its charge through 2000 pipetting cycles and can easily be charged using the included adapter, - but can also be quickly exchanged for a charged battery.

In addition to standard pipetting modes, the BioPette ETM can be programmed for multiple dispensing, sequential dispensing, sequential aspiration, and mixing. Aspirating and dispensing speed is variable, and all settings can be saved as a program for easy recall.

Go to LABNET for more information.

Labnet Introduces the New Gel XL UltraTM

The new Gel XL UltraTM complete mini gel electrophoresis system is a compact system, which includes an intelligent power supply, migration tank, and a convenient gel casting set. The unit and direct-connect power supply take up very little bench space. A key safety feature in the system is a photo sensor, which detects the presence and orientation of the lid and cuts power to the electrodes if the lid is not in place. The lid is easily removed with one hand for quick access to the gel. Four output voltages are available (35, 50, 100, and 135 Volts) to optimize separation conditions, and a digital timer can be set to shut off power and sound an alarm at the end of a run. The power supply easily detaches for thorough cleaning of the gel tank.

The casting set included with the Gel XL UltraTM is designed for quick and convenient gel preparation. A set of 4 reversible combs is used to create multichannel-compatible wells. Up to 96 samples can be run on a single gel for screening large numbers of samples. Additional casting trays and combs are available.

Go to LABNET for more information.
Brushless, High-Speed Microcentrifuges, Z 233 M-2 and Z 233 MK-2

The Z233 series of microcentrifuges offer intelligent control, high speed, and a variety of rotor options.

These updated centrifuges feature brushless motors capable of attaining speeds of 14,000 rpm/18,620 x g. A microprocessor controls all run parameters including rate of acceleration and deceleration. The user friendly, hybrid control panel includes easy to turn knobs for setting parameters and large digital displays for viewing values. Speed can be set in either rpm or g-force, and a conversion program allows both to be viewed during a run.

The space saving design of the Z 233 MK-2 requires a minimal amount of bench space, not much more than its non-refrigerated counterpart, the Z 233 M-2. The powerful refrigeration system in the Z 233 MK-2 can maintain samples at or below 0 °C, even during prolonged runs.

Ten rotors are available with capacities up to 44 x 1.5 mL tubes and 64 x 0.5 mL tubes. The high capacity 48-place combination rotor accepts 24 x 1.5 mL and 24 x 0.5 mL tubes.

Go to LABNET for more information.

Labnet's Spectrafuge 16M High-Speed Microcentrifuge

The newest addition to the Labnet line of centrifuges, the Spectrafuge 16M high-speed microcentrifuge, uses a brushless motor that is powerful yet exceptionally quiet even at maximum speed.

Speed control is continuously variable to a maximum of 14,000 rpm (16,000 x g). Acceleration and deceleration rates are extremely fast — 10 seconds or less.

The Spectrafuge is very compact in design and supplied complete with a rotor for 18 x 1.5/2.0 mL tubes. The rotor is easily removed for cleaning and autoclaving.

Go to LABNET for more information.
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