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[Web-trans] Please get in touch asap.

From: Obi Martins
Subject: [Web-trans] Please get in touch asap.
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 22:59:26 +0100

Attn: Sir/Madam,

My name is OBI MARTINS,lawyer and legal representative to the exiled
Liberian President Charles Taylor.

My client has empowered me to look for a competent and trustworthy person
to assist him in the investment and safe keeping of a huge amount of USD
and to this effect your assistance is highly solicited with a lucrative
sharing ratio of the total sum as renumeration for your assistance,while a
certain amount of the total sum will be set aside for the payment of all
expenses incurred by all parties at the end of the transaction.

If you are willing and capable of handling a transaction of this
magnitutude please furnish me with your telephone numbers(mobile,home &

Please note that it is imperative that a meeting will be arranged for you
and my client's representative in Europe as soon as your we conclude our
dialogue with you.

Please get in touch asap.



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