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[Web-trans] Project Review

From: Alice Wong
Subject: [Web-trans] Project Review
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 10:08:08 -0800

infoSavant enables a team to collaborate, share information, 
assigning area of responsibilities, conducts threaded discussions, 
manages pertinent documents.  Discussions are managed together
with the "topic of interest".  Secure access to your data from
anywhere internet is available:

    Excellent collaboration tool for:
        1. Software Projects.
        2. Integration Projects.
        3. Writing Proposals.
        4. Patent Map Generation.
        5. Consulting Services.

Must see to believe it.  Please visit www.kmsciences.com
For a limited time only, free Personal Edition.
You pay only shipping and handling $15. Code #: SR311
Free offer for US Only. Call 714-692-3367

infoSavant has 4 major components: 
       1. Electronic Library System
       2. Knowledge System
       3. Workflow
       4. Collaboration
       5. Content Management.

No programming or customization required.  Totally flexible and 15 min 

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