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[Websec-users] updates

From: Adam Stanley
Subject: [Websec-users] updates
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 2002 16:24:59 -0600

I found out about this list from the postings at Yahoo groups.  I've made a
couple of modificatins to websec for my own use.  The only really problem is
that I'm not a perl developer, so some of it is really kludgey.

Update 1: I added very poor (and hard coded) code to follow a redirect for a
page that I wanted to monitor.  So there is a nice structure there for
following a redirect but it needs some serious clean up.

Update 2: Most importantly I added the functionality to send only the
differences, like Victor Chew's commerical TrackEngine.com service.  Again,
this is hacked together but it works.  Someone can probably figure out a
cleaner way of doing it, but the functionality is there.

Update 3: Added code to have the email come from a different addresses than
the account that the process is running on.

All of this has been tested under Windows 2000 (except for the email
functionality) and Solaris.  It would to nice to get these changes cleaned up
and put into a new release.  The code works for me and I'm sure that others
would be interested in it as well.

Please contact me if you are interested in the code.


Adam Stanley          | The truly exceptional is most
address@hidden   | exceptional when it is the
http://www.echoes.com | ordinary.

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