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Re: htmldiff in latest snapshot

From: Baruch Even
Subject: Re: htmldiff in latest snapshot
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2003 23:24:35 +0300
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* Dominik Stadler <address@hidden> [030628 23:14]:
> Hash: SHA1
> The snapshot looks good with the htmldiff-patch, one small thing, though:
> htmldiff is not set executeable in the package, therefore when I try to use 
> htmldiff, I get an error

I've fixed that now.

> I'll now try to work on adding the ignore-features from webdiff to htmldiff 
> so 
> we can have this functionality in both differs.

One way I thought about is to somehow turn all ignoreable regexes to
some string which can be recovered later.


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