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New patch submited

From: Sacha Fournier
Subject: New patch submited
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 15:13:42 -0500
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I just submited a new patch in the patch manager of the project. The change give the ability to use form variable from the current URL to the next one. It can be very usefull when testing a website that a contain session var in the form.


url.list content:

URL = http://my.web.site/index.phtml
Name = entrypoint
Prefix = entrypoint
Hicolor = grey
Ignore = sid
GetHidden = sid,sess_var         <<<<< New parameter added

URL = http://my.web.site/index.phtml?action=something
Name = action
Prefix = action
Ignore = sid

The first URL will produce a page contaning a few form variables including "sid" and "sess_var". Those 2 variable need to be used in the second URL in the "url.list" becose of the session. So by including the line "GetHidden = sid,sess_var" in the URL definition, the second call will append those variables in the URL.

Please not that if you have 3 URL definition and you need the second and third one to include those URL variable, you have to include the "GetHidden" variable in the first and second URL definition. The list of "hidden" variable is reseted after each call.

Could this patch be added to the official version ? Please ?

Sacha Fournier
Applications Developer
DM Solutions Group
tel: 418.696.5056
fax: 418.696.5056
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