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Re: Need help with "Error: can't connect"

From: Baruch Even
Subject: Re: Need help with "Error: can't connect"
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 10:14:53 +0200
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* Promo Guy <address@hidden> [031121 08:29]:
>    The script executes, but it can never get to the web page. This is in my
>    emails:
>    500 Can't connect to www.wired.com:80 (Bad protocol 'tcp')

The page at: 

Says it's a problem with the getprotobyname call that Perl uses, for
some reason Windows will fail to return a proper response and then
everything will fail with that error message.

That page also suggests to reinstall the TCP/IP stack on windows, see
that page for instructions, I have no experience with Windows.

The following page is also about the problem:
And it says to follow instructions on this page to reinstall TCP/IP:

Hope this helps, Maybe someone else on this list with experience with
Windows can help you more.


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