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Re: running websec form cron

From: Baruch Even
Subject: Re: running websec form cron
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 10:53:30 +0100
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Andreas Manser wrote:
> Dear Mr Even
> i have been using your excelent software "websec" for a while now.
> I used to simply run it manually when i wanted to know, if any of a few
> websites (which changed only sporadically) had changed. now i would like to
> constantly monitor sites (also some which presumely may change more often).
> so i tried to run websec from chron, as suggested.
> Sadly this "crontab" entry:
> 36 23 * * * /home/amanser/websec/websec-1.8.0/websec --base 
> /home/myhome/websec/websec-1.8.0/
> creates the following output
> your "cron" job on localhost
> /home/amanser/websec/websec-1.8.0/websec --base 
> /home/amanser/websec/websec-1.8.0/
> produced the following output:
> Used environment variable 'USER' but it is not defined, aborting.

This appears when you use something like ${USER} in your url.list file
but you are not running it with a shell so it can't find the USER
environment variable that should come from the shell.

Either remove the ${USER} variable, probably used in the email setting
or run it under a shell, by prepending 'sh -c' to the command.

> searching google for "Used environment variable * but it is not defined"
> only retruns references to the websec source-code. maybee you can help
> me configuring my system correctly?

I've cced the message to the websec mailing list to provide a record for
 future users.


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