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Re: Feature request: monitoring other type of resource than web pages

From: Baruch Even
Subject: Re: Feature request: monitoring other type of resource than web pages
Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2006 09:53:46 +0200
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It should be possible to do this, but currently I don't have much time
to work on websec and am mostly integrating patches. I'd suggest filing
the feature request in the savannah tracker and when I'll have time to
work on websec I'll be looking there for tasks to do. You can find the
tracker at http://savannah.nongnu.org/bugs/?group=websec


mountains wrote:
> Firstly I’d like to thank you Baruch and all people from community for 
> developing Web Secretary. That’s very good and useful software.
> My feature request is that Web Secretary can monitor other type of resource 
> than simply web pages like other text or binary files. For example, when I 
> put into URL parameter some binary file, mayby PDF of archive file, Web 
> Secretary simply download this file and treat it like text file showing 
> differences in text mode, but result of this action is senseless. It will be 
> great if Web Secretary just inform me that this file was change, and I on my 
> own will check for differeces
> Mayby this could be done if Web Secretary automatically recognize type of 
> resource. So if resoruce is web page in (X)HTML, then Web Secretary work so 
> far. If resource isn’t web page, but it is text file, Web Secretary compare 
> text file without skiping (X)HTML tags. And if resoruce is binary file, Web 
> Secretary simply check for timestamp and/or size of this file. If Web 
> Secretary can’t automatically recognize type of resource the additional 
> parameter will be solution.
> It should be emphasized, that this is my reflections on how Web Secretary 
> could realize this feature and maybe exist better technical solution, but I 
> think in and of itself this feature is useful, becouse we have many type of 
> file that contain information, but not everything is store in web page format.
> I'm not Perl programmer and IT specialist, so in concern for the quality of 
> code I can't provide patch.
> Thanks and regards.
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