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regex question ignore list

From: Rich
Subject: regex question ignore list
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2008 18:24:51 -0600


I'm trying to watch a gaming website extracting data that looks like this.... Entire booty:1.979.500 Fights:6.973 Victories:6.822 Defeats:145 Draws:6 Gold captured:4.857.802

while ignoring a Time_Date line that looks like this: 11.10.2008 02:04h

The line in the current ignore list \d+[\/\-.]\d+[\/\-.]\d+[/-.]\d+ indeed ignores the date while letting me highlight all changed numbers not containg 2 periods, but anything with 2 periods such as 4.857.802 doesn't get highlighted when changed.

Since all i really care about ignoring in the Time_Date line is 02:04h. i would've thought \d{2}:\d{2} [A-Z] would work just fine, but this is not the case. I've tried every regex line i could formulate (i have minimal knowledge of perl regex expressions) and i cannot get my ignore to work. It either ignores all numbers with 2 periods, including the time, or sees the time change and extracts it, which makes everything else useless.

If anyone could give me a clue i'd super appreciate it.



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