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From: Rich
Subject: outpage
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2008 19:22:34 -0600

guess i should have saved my questions but here goes...

I can get the page with highlighted changed emailed to me no problem, works perfectly. However when i choose to have the URL's emailed to me this is what i get:

The contents of the following URL has changed:

It can also be found at:

There are 3 issues i have.

One, obviously there is no file:///etc. I assume the program means to put the http://my-address.com in place of file:///etc. So if anyone could shed some light on how to substitute the proper http address for file// address that would be great.

Second, when i manually substitute http://my-address.com in place of file:///etc and end up with http://my-address.com/archive/file.html, when i try to access file.html, i get a 403 forbidden error. If i chmod on the file i am able to read it with my browser fine, but how can i write the file.html out so that it doesnt get written out in a forbidden mode?

And finally issue 3, when i do chmod file.html to a read mode and view it at http://myaddress.com/archive/file.html, the changes are there, but they arent highlighted. Where is the file with the highlighted changes written to?

Hope this was clearer than mud. =)

Thanks in advance.


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