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Re: Excluding all-numeric fields

From: Göran Uddeborg
Subject: Re: Excluding all-numeric fields
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2012 16:06:42 +0200

Dominik Stadler:
> Why do you put ^ and $ in your regex? This way it will only match lines which
> only contain digits.

Because that is exactly that I want to achieve! :-)  Tha pattern is
meant to ignore COMPLETELY numeric lines.

There are some table entries on this page (and a couple of others I
follow) that vary from day to day.  I want to ignore those table
cells.  But I do not want to ignore all fields that happen to contain
a digit; that would be to ignore too much.

I do use ^ and/or $ in other regular expressions in my ignore.list,
and I haven't previously had problems with it.

> Did you try
> -?[0-9.]+

Well, that ignores the line, but would also ignore anything that
contains a digit.  (The "-?" would in practice not have any effect any
more.)  For example if the paragraph

   Handelsposten är 20 000 aktier.

would change to

   Handelsposten är 21 000 aktier.

that would also have been ignored.  But that is a change I WOULD want
to be notified about.

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