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[X-snmp-devel] RE - MAIL

From: mailbag
Subject: [X-snmp-devel] RE - MAIL
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 16:12:56 +0300

Good Day

It is obvious that this proposal will come to you 
as a surprise. This is because we have not met 
before but I am inspired to sending you this 
email by the huge fund transfer opportunity that 
will be of mutual benefit to the two of us.

Iam Maria Do Carmo SILVEIRA (MRS), the Former 
Prime Minister of Sao Tome and Principe who just 
resigned from the office on the 2nd day of June, 
05 and 
would like to engage you to transact one or two 
businesses if my proposal might interest you and 
never disclose this offer to anybody should 
incase you are not
interested as my reputation and personality 
mighty be as take.

In 2004,the Government of Sao Tome and Principe 
authorized me to approve the sum of $166m from 
the Federation Account payable to PARIS CLUB as 
of our debt servicing. Neverthless, the requested 
amount was approved and only $100m was paid to 
Paris Club Account while the balance of $66m was 
fixed in a 
Bank to accrue interest for my personal benefit 
and to repay the $66m to Paris Club account in 
the year of 2005.As God may have it, Republic of 
Sao Tome and
Principe were among the 18 African Countries 
whose debt has been cancelled by the PARIS CLUB 
on the month of May, 2005 and qualifying me to 
acquire to 
entire $66m with its accrued interest.

Finally, I have retired as a Prime Minister as 
described above and my overnment will confiscate 
this funds if found out the reasons of its 
inheritance by me. However, I have discussed this 
matter with my Bank Manager and he has advised 
that the easiest and safest way to claim this 
funds is by fronting a Foreigner
whose details and particulars will be used to 
process the funds for wire transfer through the 
Central Bank of Sao Tome and Principe without the 
Government knowing me as the bona fide owner of 
the funds. 

Could you be of a great assistance to me on this 
respect and retain 25% of the fixed amount with 
its accrued interest?? And at the same time go 
into joint 
venture business with me where these funds will 
be judiciously invested. Please comment on this 
request and revert shortly.

Highly Regards,
Maria Do Carmo SILVEIRA (MRS)
Former Prime Minister.
Republic of Sao Tome and Principe.

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