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[X-snmp-devel] RE: Top Financial Market Specialists Trader Picks

From: Steven Roberts
Subject: [X-snmp-devel] RE: Top Financial Market Specialists Trader Picks
Date: Mon, 03 Apr 2006 00:33:03 +0300

++++++ MAJOR I-N-V-E-S-T-M-E-N-T NEWS ++++

Please read the following Announcement in its Entierty and Consider the 
Watch this One to Trad-e big!

C0mpany: Extreme Innovations, I-n-c.
Symb0l:                         E-X-T-I .p-k

Current P-rice: $0.20 Sh0rt Term Target P-rice: $0.75

S-hares Outstanding:    18.74 (Million)
Average Daily Volume:   108,585
industry:               Exotic car and motorcylce

***More About this Company***

Extreme Innovations, I-n-c. (E-X-T-I) has combined one of the world's most innovative recreational land vehicles T-Rex with the most successful motorcycle rental platform in the nation. The company opened a chain of state of the art retail locations across the country offering access to a full line of high-end motorcycles (Ridley) as well as the trend setting recreational land vehicles.

This is only the beginning, as the company enters an accelerated growth phase 
driven by:
Introducing world's first and only fully automatic cruiser motorcycle.
New and extreme recreational products through a strong marketing and sales Launching a rental subsidiary to broaden the market potential of extreme vehicles to a wider public A remarkably qualified and highly experienced management team Creating near-term and Long-term shareholder value: To date, the Company has established a substantial foundation of growth that, coupled with its upcoming development agenda, position it extraordinarily well for sharply increased future earnings. This is a company which is confident to be a STRONG BUY, with the best chance of Rising in value by 300% - 800% or more.


Watch this one go Higher and Higher ALL WEEK!!!

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