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[X-snmp-devel] commissioner inexperience

From: William Blackburn
Subject: [X-snmp-devel] commissioner inexperience
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006 12:45:57 -0400

I say, signor: do you take any precautions againstassassination? He is saying that justto get a rise out of me. I am relieved to find that His Excellency the British ForeignSecretary agrees with me.
The bee in your bonnet buzzes too much, Ernest.
My husband has been murdered by his successor. She is shewing us what we really have to deal with. We say that ours shall be Nordic, not Hittite:that is all.
I shallhave to create it as I go along, by judicial precedents.
Let those who set them justify themselves.
My technique, like that of my forerunneropposite, was invented and perfected with that object. God has sent tocertain persons this call. Can we not keep on the plain trackof commonsense?
You mean that you would know what to do when you knew whatEngland was going to do? To me it is agony to have to listen to all this talk, knowing as Ido that nothing can come of it. I undertook that responsibility andhere I am. I feel strongly that it is my duty to do so. A man of action always is out of place among talkers.
Butyou have a failing that may ruin you unless you learn to keep it incheck. Until you have dealt with me youhave done nothing.
Take a plebiscite of the whole civilized world; and not a votewill be cast against me. For the credit of leadership let usride carefully. The British Empire has maintained the strictestneutrality.
I leave myself in the hands of the court.
My name is theunwritten law that is no law.
As for him, let him bear the brand as best he can. For my support is no deadJew, but a mighty movement in the history of the world.
When has a Nordic everstooped to follow a Latin Southerner? It would justify me insentencing the young men to death if they were brought to trial.

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