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[X-snmp-devel] Attention

From: address@hidden
Subject: [X-snmp-devel] Attention
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2007 07:23:28


I am an international consultant with Gold Dust as my areas of specialty. We 
export Gold dust to AMERICA, CANADA, EUROPE, and our Head office is in Asia and 
the local office is in Ghana at the moment I am in Europe searching for 
representatives who can help us establish a medium of getting to our costumers 
in your country as well as making payments through you to us, please if you are 
interested in transacting business with us we will be glad provided you will 
not betray us once you receive payment from our client.

Contact me with the details below in order for us to send you the necessary 
details before I instruct our customers to contact you and start making payment.

This transaction is 100% risk free and all payment will pass through the normal 
channels to avoid problems from tax etc.

Note 10% of any payment that pass through you to us will be for you and if you 
are not satisfy with the percentage please let us know before we proceed.

All we need from you to prepare your file with us is your complete address, 
private phone and fax number and personal email address.

If you are interested send us the details and wait for our responses in 24 to 

Yours truly,
Mr. Van Dijk
E-MAIL: (address@hidden)

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