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[X-snmp-devel] Annabelle

From: gunner bink
Subject: [X-snmp-devel] Annabelle
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2007 08:24:05 +0200

The winged winds, captives of that age-old foe
Hoarfrost is in his bones and on his head,
Along the walls are only empty niches,
Out of the picture of life, as it were, out
XVI. Laying a Ghost: The Jeannette and the Fram
Sits at the limit of a kind of world
Mère and Père Chose are walking away from the
"Be off!" say Winter's snows;
The snowflakes are swirling, blotting out
at balls hit again and again toward her offspring.
Where, as I discover as I go through
Green lilac buds appear that won't survive
Calling me to you with wild gesturings
With a hand freed from weight,
Oh you builders,
Writhing their stunted limbs,
Of too much truth to do much more than lie
XV. The International Circumpolar Stations: The Greely Expedition
Calling me to you with wild gesturings

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