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[Xouvert-general] A TODO! :)

From: William Lahti
Subject: [Xouvert-general] A TODO! :)
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2003 21:31:19 -0400
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Well, let's get this mailing list going. I think we should put together a list 
of fixes, optimizations, and features that we should look for including in 
Xouvert in a _reasonable_ time. Meaning this thread wouldn't be the proper 
one for bluesky dreams like translucency and opengl. You know, things like 
memory optimizations and geeky but important stuff.

Here's my personal list I've been putting together while carousing the XFree86 

 -- Move InputDevice's from ServerLayout to Screen in XF86Config. This should 
allow us to have different mice and keyboards for different screens, allowing 
for instance multiple people to use the same computer with the same X server 
running with different monitors, video cards, (and newly) mice, and 

-- Instead of allocating MAXCLIENTS client structures, we could slim down the 
server memory footprint a bit by dynamically allocating the structures 

-- Change the FatalError() messages to be more helpful and friendly. Instead 
of "no screens found" we could say "XFree86 could not find a usable screen 
configuration. Please run xf86cfg... etc etc"

-- Integrate Xnest with the real X. In other words, when X is run without a 
display number (:0,:1 etc) check if we are running in X, if we are, ask the 
user if they want to start the real X or a nested server (contributed from 
eno2001 on xwin.org)

-- Provide an option to force backingstore on all windows. 

-- Design, experiment with, analyze the need for (if any), an 
 extension for simple double buffering based on backingstore 
 (apps just draw to the window, call something like 
 XDBSwitchBuffers etc, something simpler than the current DBE) 

-- Talk with Freedesktop.org people about creating a standard extension to the 
X clipboard to support multiple data types based on meta data.  (observed in 
a discussion between Jon and someone else on freenode)

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