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[Xouvert-general] A TODO! :)

From: Josh Stern
Subject: [Xouvert-general] A TODO! :)
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2003 20:10:39 -0500
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>Well, let's get this mailing list going. I think we should put together a list 
>of fixes, optimizations, and features that we should look for including in 
>Xouvert in

Nice list.  I have a few additional thoughts:

- server initiated timeout for pointer grabs (automatic timeout
on closed or dead socket as well);  prevent a common cause
of X server hangs.

- an abstraction that covers things with functionality like OpenGL
display lists, suitable for use in making bandwidth efficient

- some apps/libraries that allow graphical installation of X itself
on most common platforms and make it easy for developers
to extend easily this to other hardware - based on auto-detection
and use of lowest common denominator functionality.

- some apps/libraries that simplify for naive users the process of 
automatically enabling ssh-based initialization and local display of 
X apps on non-local hosts.

- develop a comprehensive conformance and performance test suite for 
drivers and publish the results to show status of current drivers and allow
consumers to make informed choices.

- software support for pseduo-color visuals on top of displays running
true color.

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