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[Xouvert-general] About X and ouvert

From: Osmo Ma
Subject: [Xouvert-general] About X and ouvert
Date: 18 Aug 2003 08:24:05 +0200

> On Sun, Aug 17, 2003 at 11:41:10PM -0300, kalicrates wrote:
>I'm sorry if I'm disturbing you, but for a long time I have tried to
> find the following information:
> I really need to understand the structure of a graphical server, in a
> manner that permits to me develop one independent of a particular
> hardware. I saw the fork http://www.xouvert.org/, and I would like to
> contribute, but right now this is impossible because I don't find any
> book, tutorial, etc...about the THEORY of a graphical server.
> May you help me ? 


Please, let me invite you to http://www.futuredesktop.org  
This site (Linux Link Jungle) contains links to various Linux resources.

There is also a section called "LINUX DESKTOP,  WINDOWS MANAGERS" just beneath 
the penguin picture.
Some links about X, Y and other alternative desktops etc.

Let's hope the Xouvert will prevail and rule!

All the best,
  Osmo Ma

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