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Re: [Xouvert-general] platforms

From: >> G-LiTe /
Subject: Re: [Xouvert-general] platforms
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 18:20:39 +0200
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 Cameron wrote:

Linux has been my main OS since I started using it back in summer of 98. However, during these years, I've had the chance to try other unices, including the BSD's and Solaris. While, for my own personal reasons, I still prefer Linux, I think it would be a great idea to support at least the BSD's. As far as I can tell, xouvert intends to only support Linux (at this point at least). I think that would be a mistake.

Xouvert is an open project and just like almost any other project there'll probably be a few people using non-Linux operating systems that will fix or atleast inform the Xouvert developers of any platform incompatibilities.

I also think that removing network transparency would be a big mistake and that keeping it would result in no compromises in the rest of the architecture.

The wiki frontpage, right now, contains some of the myths spread around by some people. That very same page says removing network transparency is not an option; it wouldn't be an X server anymore.

While we're on topic of the wiki, I suggest we create several pages: atleast a frontpage with a small description and links to the other pages, a page for the myths currently on the frontpage and an idea bag or wishlist page.

-- St├ęphan 'G-LiTe' Kochen

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