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[Xouvert-general] Hi

From: Thomas Zander
Subject: [Xouvert-general] Hi
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 22:54:16 +0200
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I am someone that wrote a driver for his laptop, and I was suprised to find
I could not maintain my own driver in XFree CVS. Believe me when I say I 
welcome a fork very much!

IMO the first priorities should not be new features, but a nice way to build
X much easier then the current method. (which takes days and is very very hard
to do correctly)
I like to be able to build it using something more intelligent then the 
current make World does (which is slow and does rm way too often), maybe even 
something like configure.
Any opinions on that one?

While programming I have been looking and have been asking but never got an
answer to a very critical question; where are the API docs that I, as a driver
writer, can program against.
IMO that should be another hi-profile job. I agree that it is one that is 
annoying as hell, but very needed to find fresh blood.

I'll come back to the webpage from time to time to see if I can do a checkout
yet!  And I hope to move my driver into the XFree code one way or another
soon :)

Good luck!
- -- 
Thomas Zander

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