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Re: [Xouvert-general] Recent Popular questions turned into FAQ

From: Craig Ringer
Subject: Re: [Xouvert-general] Recent Popular questions turned into FAQ
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003 17:04:31 +0800
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Hi folks - new to the list, but I thought I'd jump in. I maintain an LTSP network and use Linux with XFree86 at home and at work.

You could also include some stuff from the Xwin.org Wiki:


I just added a suggestion to look there to the top of the xourvert wiki, in the hopes that it'd cut out some of the ill-informed comments there.

We could start off with:
1.)     Q)      Will Xouvert remove/modularize network transparency?  I
think we should do this to make X faster, more robust, or just plain
        A) We *cannot* remove network transparency. Period. There is
absolutely no question about it whatsoever. X11 *is* a _network_ protocol. I think the
reason everyone thinks its slow, is because everyone thinks that X11 on
a local machine goes thru TCP/IP. It doesn't. It uses UNIX sockets which are very fast.

It may be worth noting that XFree86 /can/ be slow, especially on uniprocessor machines, but network transparency is NOT at fault. More common culprits appear to be toolkits, video drivers, and font rendering.

I'd also suggest paraphrasing the various entries on the xwin.org wiki - not only DumbIdeas, but also the WantonDesires and BlueSkyDreams pages, to avoid repeated suggestions, ideas, complaints, etc.

BTW, anybody know why CamelCase etc doesn't seem to work on the xouvert wiki page when it does in the rest of the xwin.org wiki? (I'm pretty new to wikis and such).

Craig Ringer

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