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[xougen] Xouvert FAQ August 25 release Announcement

From: David Ross
Subject: [xougen] Xouvert FAQ August 25 release Announcement
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2003 00:57:44 -0700

Hello Everyone,

    I have finally finished the update to the FAQ,

I have changed, updated or added:
1.)  replaced  "<h4><a name="1.1">1.1) What is Xouvert?</a></h4>" 
        with "<a name="1.1"></a><h4>1.1) What is Xouvert?</h4>"
        so that it doesn't distract people who are using Mozilla --
Thanks Richard
2.)  Changed the wording in Answer 2.4 -- Thanks Richard
3.)  Changed the working in Q & A  2.1 -- Thanks Randy
4.)  Added Xouvert relationship to X in Answer 1.1 -- Thanks Zack
5.)  Added Q&A 2.6 and 2.7 -- Thank Zack
6.)  Added Q&A 1.12 -- Thanks Jonathan
7.)     Added Q&A 1.13 -- Thanks to me, David
8.)     Added Q&A 2.5 -- Thanks to Craig and Alan Cox
9.)     Added Q&A 1.14, re Keith Packard -- Thanks to Jonathan
10.) Updated Q&A 1.6, re Xouvert name origin
11.)    Added link to Wiki at the bottom -- Thanks To Jonathan

If you wish to review the FAQ before it gets posted to the Xouvert
sight, you can view it at http://www.tacobus.com/xouvert/faq.html.  You
will need to manually scroll down because the in page anchors refer to
the faq on the Xouvert site.

Kind regards,

David Ross

-- Please forward all complaints to /dev/null

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