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Re: [xougen] Re: xouvert-general Digest, Vol 1, Issue 13

From: >> G-LiTe /
Subject: Re: [xougen] Re: xouvert-general Digest, Vol 1, Issue 13
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2003 22:50:18 +0200
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chris wrote:

i think it is of Xouvert's concern. if i understand what you are talking about correctly, heres the senario:

once xouvert's api starts pulling away from XFree86's, normal X apps wont compile under xouvert. shouldn't compatability with xfree86 apps be at least a concern? a loadable module for xouvert, like "xf86-compat" or something like, would make simple x apps, all the way up to glib, gtk, etc, compile and be able torun under xouvert, while native xouvert apps can run alongside and use xouvert specific routines happily.

if im thinking clearly, then i think an xfree86 compatability module is essential, and i'd be willing to work on/manage that if it's desired.

tell me if im crazy

You're completely nuts. ;)
The thing is, X11 is a networking protocol, meaning ofcourse there's a server and a client. The clients mostly use Xlib, the library applications use to talk to the X server. Every sane programmer doesn't use X11 and sockets directly to contact the x server because it's way too complicated. Both Xlib and the X server are quite extensible at this point. Basic compatibility won't be affected as far as I know, because that'd mean Xouvert doesn't respect the X11 protocol and thus isn't an X server anymore. Xouvert wants to stay an X server, though that doesn't mean extensibility is limited. Both the X server itself and Xlib are quite modular. Fundamental changes in the X server or Xlib shouldn't be a problem at all, as long as the programs linked against Xlib won't die instantly because of "unresolved symbols". ;)

Even if Xouvert didn't stick to the X11 protocol, some appropriate changes in Xlib will keep client applications running without a glitch. The only compatibility we have to worry about is stuff like DRI, XRender and all those other extensions, and that's just on the networking part: if clients can find the functions they need, it's all okay. If we change those functions, the client doesn't care at all as long as the name and parameters are the same.

> G-LiTe /

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