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[xougen] Preemptible X ?

From: Yaroslav Rastrigin
Subject: [xougen] Preemptible X ?
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2003 18:38:14 +0400
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Hi everybody !

I'm trying to understand some basic principles of X implementation, and now I 
have a question:
Basically, X is client-server architecture, so X server is mostly sitting in 
select() on a number of sockets. After select() returning >0 X reads request 
from the socket, handles it and sends the reply back. Then, if select() 
returns more than one socket whose state was changed (iow, more than one 
client sent a request), will X server handle these requests in parallel, or 
it will process them one-by-one ? So, if, f.e. XMMS is displaying 
oscilloscope with full refresh (50 FPS), and I'm moving a window (and it's a 
bunch of events), does it means that move steps will be intermixed with 
oscilloscope redraws ?
Or I'm wrong and some kind of preemptivity mechanism is in place ?
With all the best, yarick at relex dot ru.

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