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Re: [xougen] Files needed for X-Server.

From: suman
Subject: Re: [xougen] Files needed for X-Server.
Date: 04 Sep 2003 01:34:55 +0530

On Thu, 2003-08-28 at 00:35, Jonathan Walther wrote:

> I count extensions are part of the server, just like driver modules.
> As for libraries, if only the server uses them, then they get included.
> If not, we leave them for another time.
> Jonathan


aren't we talking about a plugin architecture herefor X.
(I'm a novice to X,so..) but cant this be done implementing a plugin
(kind of) architecture for extentions and libraries.
Also what about wrapping Xserver in c++?
Wouldnt that make the real idea of code contibution and documentation a
lot easier than what it is now?Since the entire code is in user space it
would make a lot of sense using OO methods.
Also how about using XML for XProtocol we can use a light weight XML
parser in c which is fast and above all which can be shared with other
applications and is better when it comes to low configuration systems.
Also there were things like server side widgets on this list having an
XML kind of parser will help in adding extensions easier?

Lots of questions there..
so please try to enlighten me about there.
PS:Also were there any efforts to do it in C++ before?

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