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RE: [xougen] Arch specific optimizations [XAA] && FAQ update

From: David Ross
Subject: RE: [xougen] Arch specific optimizations [XAA] && FAQ update
Date: Thu, 04 Sep 2003 20:58:29 -0700

> problem: it should 
> be possible to just have it detect the architecture at some point, 
> either at runtime or during the build process. An option for runtime 
> would be nice for distributions.
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> > > G-LiTe /
> <address@hidden>
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Howdy everybody,

How about both, like Linux's modules, dynamic configuration and build
time configuration?

On a mostly unrelated note, thanks to everyone for helping me understand
the differences between imake and Autotools.  That thread did carry on a
bit longer than I expected :)

I am reorganising the FAQ into tables and the major sections will be:
1.)  General
2.)     Xouvert Architecture
3.)  Licensing and Documentation
4.)     Built time
5.)  Runtime

Oh, and moving totally sux! :)

Thanks again,

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