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[xougen] ANNOUNCEMENT: O'Reilly sponsorship for Xouvert

From: Jonathan Walther
Subject: [xougen] ANNOUNCEMENT: O'Reilly sponsorship for Xouvert
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2003 12:44:11 -0700
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I was informed this morning that O'Reilly books has donated 3 copies of
their book "Software Portability with imake" to the Xouvert project, for
the education of project contributors.

A large part of Xouverts focus is on education, and on restructuring the
source tree to make it easier for people to come up to speed.

I will be taking the time to read one copy of the imake book when it
arrives.  The first two people to submit substantive patches or to write
significant documentation to the project will get the other two copies.

If you are one of the people eligible to receive a copy, please, please
let us know if you do not need the book.  O'Reilly donated them for the
purposing of raising the general education level of Xouvert contributors
so they can be more effective.  If you decide you don't need a copy, the
next person in line (whether code or documentation producer) will be
eligible to get a copy.

Thank you O'Reilly!



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