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RE: [xougen] spanish translation

From: David Ross
Subject: RE: [xougen] spanish translation
Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2003 16:40:26 -0700

Hola Johann,

Yes please do the Spanish translation, I know that we don't have a
translator for the FAQ, and I don't think for the web page or the HOWTO
either.  You might want to start with the web page or the HOWTO because
I hopefully will have an updated FAQ out soon, but I am moving this
weekend, so the updated FAQ is on my back burner for the next few days.
I am reorganising the content, plus adding a number of things, plus
updating a number of entries, plus going to convert it into HTML tables
so that the numbering and formatting will look better.


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> Subject: [xougen] spanish translation
> Hi to everyone,
> I was following the beginning of this project since the news 
> in slashdot and 
> xwin, and i like it a lot. I'm really interested in the 
> Xouvert project, and 
> i want to join it translating documents (FAQ, HowTo) and the 
> web page to the 
> spanish language.
> And if the code have i18n (internationalization), for example 
> error message 
> ("no screen found") or message in general (e.g. "user:", 
> "password:" in the 
> xdm), i would like to translate that too at the style of KDE 
> and GNOME. 
> Maybe if is too much to translate, begin a spanish 
> translation team (like 
> KDE or GNOME have it). 
> is there any interest?
> who am i talk to begin translating the web page or something 
> else? which will be the method (where to upload, etc) to 
> start doing this? 
> btw: i'm suscribed in the mailing-list. 
> Regards
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