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Re: [xougen] Adding cruft to X

From: Theodore Reed
Subject: Re: [xougen] Adding cruft to X
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 01:06:56 -0700

On Sun, 07 Sep 2003 08:24:34 -0700
address@hidden wrote:

> When I first starting planing around with the network aspects of X,
> XMMS was one of the first things that I tried out.  I thot it was kind
> of cool that I could (at the time) telnet into my desktop box and
> control its sound output from another box on my local network.  What
> would be really cool is having "networked" sound and "sound server"
> boxes that are little more than speakers, decoding hardware, and a
> network connection ... hmmm .... sounds like a project for school. 
> Perhaps this already exists ....

It does exist. It's called NAS, the Network Audio System. It was
intended to be the X of sound.AFAIK, XFree86 had been allowing it on
their ftp site, which made it kind of the de facto X sound. But it never
caught on much. There's an XMMS plugin, and a few other apps can speak
it, but it doesn't even have the support that say, esd does. 

(Also I think esd can be used remotely as well.)

-- Ted

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