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Re: [xougen] ANNOUNCEMENT: MAS sound extension to be included in Xouvert

From: Tupshin Harper
Subject: Re: [xougen] ANNOUNCEMENT: MAS sound extension to be included in Xouvert
Date: Tue, 09 Sep 2003 22:06:29 -0700
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Steve Nickolas wrote:

Shawn wrote:

I honestly believe things like this will trigger fast adoption by the
dists. Dists like to be downloaded, and users like whizbangs.

Yes. ;)

Also, while I do believe in keeping the X server relatively simple and not heaping extension after extension on it, with more information from nakee, I think, if it's something x.org is putting forward (MAS), and it's supposedly going into a future X11 revision (i.e., X's X), then hey, it will have to go in, or this will no longer be an up-to-date X.

Nevertheless I see the other side too, that this is just more cruft... As I said to the person who suggested this, yes, I think it's cruft, but if this is the way xouvert is going, so be it... It's MIT-licensed, of course anyone who doesn't like the new direction can fork the code, although I would hate to see either someone leaving or someone forking the code over this.

I say, wtf, I'll go with it. Not to mention, having MAS will probably prove useful to a certain project I have in the works... :)


I've raised issues about sound and event synchronization that are not easy to address without the sound layer being an X extension. Without addressing these issues, any criticism of MAS as cruft is null and void.

Using any existing approach, how would you (on a remote X display with audio capability) 1) guarantee that you could trigger a sound within 20 milliseconds of a corresponding visual event? 2) Trigger a visual event within 20 milliseconds of a particular *part* of an audio stream?


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