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[xougen] Dumb question of the month

From: David Ross
Subject: [xougen] Dumb question of the month
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 20:02:55 -0700

Hey all,

What does "grok" mean?


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> To: General discussion about the Xouvert X server
> Subject: Re: [xougen] Adding cruft to X
> On Sun, Sep 07, 2003 at 09:04:53AM -0500, Steve Nickolas wrote:
> >Adding these things to X goes entirely against the spirit of X.  If
> >something is to be done that "embraces and extends" in such 
> a way, I am 
> >not for it.
> I suggest, then, that you haven't fully grokked the spirit of 
> X. Sound support is not against the spirit of X.  A widget 
> service is against it. Disply PDF and Display Postscript are 
> in a gray area.
> >And, notice I said "graphics-rendering".  Sound is not its concern.
> >Yes, it would help to have a standard sound system, but it 
> has nothing 
> >to do with X.
> You should have been on the list earlier.  If the X server is 
> only to do graphics rendering, why don't we remove keyboard 
> and mouse support as well, and have separate, specialized 
> servers to handle them?
> The X server is the kernel of a desktop distribution.  Should 
> we remove the sound drivers from the Linux kernel because 
> it's job is only to support frame-buffers?  The Linux kernel 
> does many things, but it does the minimum amount necessary to 
> allow other applications to do what they need to do.  That is 
> the same spirit behind the X server and protocol. X is the 
> kernel for a desktop, not a gussied up network version of 
> Microsofts DirectX library.
> Jonathan
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