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Re: [xougen] Presentation, and i845GL

From: Robert Wimmer
Subject: Re: [xougen] Presentation, and i845GL
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2003 05:02:12 +0000

hmm... the xouvert home page says the first release will have the latest video drivers, etc....

"We will extract the X server source from the XFree86 CVS repository, and make it compile stand-alone. Then we will package it together with the latest video drivers and bugfixes to coexist with current distributions of XFree86."(ROADMAP)... "Currently, Xouvert simply is XFree86" (HOWTO)...

so the first release will be a package of files to compile the X Server standalone - with the latest video drivers from XFree86 - that's how I understood it. Xouvert is a branch of XFree86 - but this branch is not built yet. that's what we are going to do next, after all this documentation, translation & discussion stuff. But one of the goals of Xouvert is to make driver releases more often then XFree86.

keep patient


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