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[xougen] The Y window system

From: Roland Nagtegaal
Subject: [xougen] The Y window system
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 21:11:49 +0200

Hi people,

it may be relevant if you give some attention to work done
by Mark Thomas:


who has programmed an X-like server. I just read the whole pdf file and
it seems impressive work.
Now I don't propose throwing away X altogether and start with this Y
server, and I didn't actually try his software. But still, it is very

- it keeps network transparancy but it is much faster;
- it uses server side widgets, which also helps to make working
over a network faster
- it is even more extensible than the X window system.

It is basically a proof-of-concept by a student done for his
masters, but it seems to be really good.

The relevance to Xouvert is that this is a working implementation of
many of the ideas that have been suggested for "fixing" X.

good luck with the Xouvert project,

Roland Nagtegaal <address@hidden>

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