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Re: [xougen] The Y window system

From: Shawn
Subject: Re: [xougen] The Y window system
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 14:37:25 -0500

I've just started reading this, but he makes valid points. I'd like to
hear comments wrt X and low latency, possibly in contrast to the views
expressed in the paper.

Hopefully Xouvert can overcome some of the nits picked in the paper.
Anyone care to comment?

On Thu, 2003-09-25 at 14:11, Roland Nagtegaal wrote:
> Hi people,
> it may be relevant if you give some attention to work done
> by Mark Thomas:
> http://www.doc.ic.ac.uk/~mbt99/Y/report/MarkThomas.pdf
> who has programmed an X-like server. I just read the whole pdf file and
> it seems impressive work.
> Now I don't propose throwing away X altogether and start with this Y
> server, and I didn't actually try his software. But still, it is very
> interesting:
> - it keeps network transparancy but it is much faster;
> - it uses server side widgets, which also helps to make working
> over a network faster
> - it is even more extensible than the X window system.
> It is basically a proof-of-concept by a student done for his
> masters, but it seems to be really good.
> The relevance to Xouvert is that this is a working implementation of
> many of the ideas that have been suggested for "fixing" X.
> good luck with the Xouvert project,
> Roland Nagtegaal <address@hidden>
> loridanshof
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