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[xougen] Some thoughts about X....

From: Stefan Klinger
Subject: [xougen] Some thoughts about X....
Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2003 22:03:12 +0200
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Well i finally done some thinking about X(ouvert)....

Nearly everybody seems to like the idea of having X modularized, why then not stay compatible with the X-Protocol and other basic X interfaces, but write the actual implementation in an OOP Language like C++ ? Also making the development of drivers and such things easier would maybe help, that companies which don't want to share/open there hardware documentations will write there own driver (not ideal to have an binary driver but better than having no driver at all).

About the server side widgets - i think predefined widget sets will never survive, but maybe it would be possible to "upload" a set of predefined "drawing operations" and "pixmaps" or something like that. So a toolkit can be written that it can upload more complicated widgets to the server.

An other really actual problem seems the clipboard, there should be an well know extensions that the clipboard will support mime content or any other way that an applications knows what type of data it contains. Then it would also be possible, that an application tells which data types it supports and let automatic conversion happen.

And an other important thing would be to have a better documentation than X - maybe an seperate documentation project should be created in paralell to Xouvert.

Something I am not sure about are printers, aren't they very much like screens. Wouldn't it be possible to have a printer server work a bit like an X-Server, or just let it be a special kind of X-Server?

If I just reviewed allready existing things or if sombody thinks my ideas are total nonsens - please give your opinion.

Stefan Klinger

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