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[xougen] Some popular questions.

From: Elver Loho
Subject: [xougen] Some popular questions.
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 21:24:31 +0300
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There was a paper on transparency in XFree86 written by Keith Packard if I 
remember correctly. Last time I checked, it was taken down from the 
xfree86.org website. I also remember seeing a proof of concept code snippet 
and some examples showing full RGBA transparency in XFree86 which were hacked 
into the 4.3.0 release but never made it to the official version. If anyone 
has any information on where to find these two works, I'd appreciate if you'd 
let me know.

As for my questions, then here goes.

1. Is full alpha-channel transparency planned for the second release of 
Xouvert next year? I remember reading somewhere that many closed-source 
drivers do not even support this in hardware.

2. Is there an accelerated OpenGL backend for Xouvert in the works or planned? 
I've seen yet another fork of XFree86 that does this but badly. A lot of 
people seem to dislike the idea of simply rendering the windows as textured 
quads. What would be wrong or bad about this approach? Could the OpenGL 
backend be used "transparently"? That is, when the hardware for this is 
available and without the apps themselves knowing or caring about this.

3. Is automatic configuration in some form planned or would people have to 
rely on external configuration tools? Generating and then editing XF86Config 
is by far the most annoying thing about any Linux or BSD desktop install.

I'm sure these questions have been answered many hundreds of times already and 
I could probably find an answer by browsing the mailing list archives and 
reading the FAQ and whatnot. Although, these are not in there. So I'd 
appreciate an answer if you can take time to answer.

Elver Loho
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