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[xougen] Re: partnership with the Xouvert project?

From: Harold L Hunt II
Subject: [xougen] Re: partnership with the Xouvert project?
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003 23:01:41 -0500
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Jonathan Walther wrote:

Hi Harold.

Hello, hello.

My name is Jonathan Walther, and I am the coordinator for the Xouvert
project.  I read your post on Slashdot yesterday, and it looks like you
are responding to some of the same frustrations and desire for change
that inspired the Xouvert project.


Xouvert is using arch instead of CVS.  We aren't doing this lightly; we
see a clear benefit to it.  One of the benefits is it's revision control
discipline is more natural and makes it vastly easier to have a wide
diversity of "branches" going at once, keeping in sync with each other.

Hmm... I have been looking into Xouvert since it keeps getting mentioned to me... but I still can't find anything that indicates that arch works (or would be easy to make work) on Cygwin. Could others please check the status on arch on Cygwin?

We would love to incorporate your changes, and give you and anyone you
delegate full commit access to our revision control tree.  Would you be
interested in partnering with our project?  I think we can both provide
each other with a lot of positive benefits.

No action is required on your part, Xouvert is working on our first
release which should be soon.  Like you, we are starting with XFree86
4.3 as our base.  We believe once you go through the arch tutorial, you
also will be sold on it's benefits for projects like ours.

I'm sure it has benefits, but it has to compile to be useful :)

Waiting for status of arch on Cygwin report...


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