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[xougen] RE: partnership with the Xouvert project?

From: Vince Hoffman
Subject: [xougen] RE: partnership with the Xouvert project?
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 10:48:56 -0000

> On Wed, Oct 29, 2003 at 08:22:42AM +0100, Pau Aliagas wrote:
> >I've just subscribed to the list to tell you the same thing 
> about arch and
> >xouvert. Some small problems have arisen using arch in 
> cygwin and there
> >was a consensus that changes needed to be applied to cygwin 
> to have a nice
> >and full support. The problems were related to path lengths 
> and, maybe, 
> >you could help us with this issue. It would be a nice 
> initial cooperation.
> I don't think path lengths are an issue at the moment, for the Xouvert
> project to be able to work with Cygwin.  The issue that is 
> important is
> the file renaming issue.  I've posted to the mailing list to let Tom
> know that Cygwin support is important to us; hopefully he will reply
> soon.

Just a WAG but, do the file naming problems if your using a "managed mode"
mount ?

from the man page of cywin mount.
"managed    - directory is managed by cygwin.  Mixed case and special
                      characters in filenames are allowed."

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