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Re: [xougen] PRE-ANNOUNCE: hackers release later today

From: Spundun Bhatt
Subject: Re: [xougen] PRE-ANNOUNCE: hackers release later today
Date: Sat, 01 Nov 2003 09:25:20 -0800
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Jonathan Walther wrote:
We will make the source code available courtesy of the "tla push-mirror"
command, on Savannah and Freedesktop.org shortly afterward.
Hi, first of all, my best wishes to the project on its inaugeration.
disclaimer: I am not an X hacker, I havent contributed much to OSS except for some testing and bug reporting.

>From the website of the project, this is what I inferred.
- For release 1, the goals of xouvert and that of xserver/xlib projects are orthogonal.
- For release 2, the goals for these project seem to start overlapping.
So from 10 miles distance, it looks like it will be a good idea if around that time the efforts were merged into on project.

A couple of days back I had a discussion on freenode/#xwin irc channel and I concluded that the devs on that channel are not willing to switch to arch any time soon. (you probably know about it already).

Something like the repositery protocol should not come in the way of collaboration, and I suggest that you also mainain a cvs repository of xouvert. This is not my original whacky idea or anything like that. The project maintainer of rhythmbox (walters: you can get hold of him on gimpnet/#gnome or #rhythmbox) along with many of his devs, does all his work in their arch repository. While they keep it synced with gnome cvs, mainly for translators who dont want to use arch.

I think you should talk to walters and do something like this. Though there is no immediate need to do this, just something to keep in mind before somebody starts an arch/cvs flame war :)

All the best for your new project

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