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Re: [xougen] Any plans to keep up with Longhorn?

From: >> G-LiTe /
Subject: Re: [xougen] Any plans to keep up with Longhorn?
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 17:29:15 +0100
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Maurizio Colucci wrote:

Hello dear developers,
Hi. (Not a Xouvert developer though)

I heard Longhorn is going to have vector graphics only, dropping bitmaps completely. I was wondering if you have any plans to counteract to (and possibly improve) those features.
Modern Gnome and KDE themes already use mostly vector graphics for icons.
Alot of themes in the Gnome-Themes-Extras package are based on the Smooth GTK+ engine. Cairo also has a GTK+ engine in development that looked like it could mimic the smooth engine for the most part. So GTK+ could be vector based too in the future.

To be precise, every graphic element (which means every widget, window frame, icon, text)
1. will be vector defined.

2. will be rendered using the hardware primitives of the cards (3d cards are
   mandatory in Longhorn, except for palmtops I presume).
That is, Longhorn will call the card's primitives to draw lines and texture-mapped poligons, no software blitter.
XRender... maybe some in Cairo too.

3. will support translucency (aka alpha-blending).
Keith is working on it. See some of the previous posts. Name was aXe last time I checked but they were discussing a name change iirc.

4. will use z-buffering (don't ask me what for... futhermore translucency and z-buffers don't mix well AFAIK).
No idea about that

5. will be dimensioned relative to the screen size, not to pixels, so as to be invariant of the screen resolution. So, when you increase the resolution, the bitmaps won't get smaller, and the lines will not become
Either I'm misunderstanding the whole DPI thing or that was a flaw in Windows to start with. When you change resolution the DPI should change along. X does that I think. (Or that is pango, either way, Windows doesn't). The Gnome desktop measures almost everything in points. That's pretty much what you were looking for I guess.

Useful or not:

1. these features will become a must in order to compete with Longhorn. I can already hear Windows fans "linux has still bitmapped graphics" adding to the already known complains.
Don't think so. If they REALLY want to switch to vector graphics, I suggest they get some SVG support in IE first. Linux is way ahead in that area if you ask me.

2. web browsers will HAVE to supply those features (translucency and vector graphics) in order to be XAML compliant.
If any web browser doesn't supply translucency, it's, again, IE. Think PNG, CSS, etc...
SVG doesn't work in IE either without the adobe plugin. (iirc)

3. It seems to me that these features must be designed into the architecture right from the start. For example, a dependency on openGL seems mandatory.
Not all of it. OpenGL acceleration would be cool. If you build XRender on top of OpenGL I think that'd already improve alot. Wouldn't know if it's possible.

The KDE developers said it is not up to them, and that little is possible unless the X server supports those features.
It is partially. Eventually they'll have to use Cairo on QT and whatnot. GTK+ has some support for it already.

Do you plan to support those kind of things? DO you plan to improve them?
I hope so. :)

Thanks to everyone!

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