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Re: [xougen] error in compiling Xouvert

From: Andri Yngvason
Subject: Re: [xougen] error in compiling Xouvert
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2003 22:22:15 +0000
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On 2003-11-28, 13:57:35 (-0800), Jonathan Walther wrote:
> Cool; so what is the name of the server binary, and where do I find it?
> I never did like that whole "XCOMM" scheme in Imakefiles.  If Pika
> Scheme is ready soonish, we'll start revamping the build system quickly.

At the moment the name of the executable is xc/programs/Xserver/XFree86 ...kill 
me if it does not work :>

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