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[xougen] FAQ and iMake book

From: David Ross
Subject: [xougen] FAQ and iMake book
Date: Sat, 3 Jan 2004 21:26:30 -0800

Hi Jonathan and everybody,
1. FAQ
I've been working on the Faq, rather than doing everything manually, I am using the python tool makefaq.  It seems to be doing the trick :).  If you know of a better tool to help automate things abit, I am willing to try it.  If the translators would like me to tar my source directory for the faq as I suspect that it maybe easier to translate using the faqtools than the straight html, let me know and I will post it to the arch server.  I can also generate the FAQ in text and a DTD XML ... perhaps others, let me know if this is something that you would like to be done. 
I am going through my Xouvert mailbox now and looking at the suggestions as to what is going in and updated etc.  The updated faq will hopefully be up with in the next couple of days.
2. iMake book
Would it be possible for me to borrow one of the copies that we have?  I could prolly drive out to where you're located ....

David Ross









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